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Liza Cosier


Liza Cosier was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia where she attended a music school from the age of 4, studying piano, choir and solfège. She studied at a gymnasium school #248 (grammar school) from the age of 6. At the age of 10 having passed all the entrance exams into year 5 of the gymnasium school, her family decided to relocate to Oxford in England.


Liza adapted to life in England and very quickly took to speaking English as her first language. By age 11 she was excelling both academically and athletically at school but was drawn into the acting world, when she joined an amateur dramatic group “Sands Theatre Arts School”. Up until this time Liza had never considered a career in acting or the arts as all her family were academics with careers in accountancy, medicine, banking and geology. When her best friend told her about what a "Drama School" was Liza instantly knew that she wanted a career as an actress.


Although never having been to America, Liza really wanted to study acting there. “Since acting in movies and TV is what I want why not study in Hollywood? What place would be better?” While searching for the right drama school in America, Liza furthered her academic studies by attending the University of East Anglia (UEA) where she studied Law with European Legal Systems.


During the first year at UEA she auditioned for and was offered a place at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) in Los 

Angeles. After completing her first year of Law, Liza moved to the States. She graduated from AADA after completing the 2 year acting course where she counted Ms Bohannon, Mr Martin and Ms Gossett as the teachers that made her time at AADA incredible and unforgettable.


In 2012 Liza was accepted onto the BAFTA-LA Newcomers Program, a unique program for British actors who have recently relocated to LA, affording them with opportunities to integrate into the film industry. As hard as it has been to be thousands of miles away from her family and her home, Liza loves living in LA, loves the acting, the sense of community and the fact that "you can walk into any coffee shop and there will be people editing a script, writing a script, discussing auditions, classes and films".


Liza loves the strong female roles and finds characters of lawyers, doctors, CIA/FBI easily accessible. She is typically seen as the strong, sexy, confident, sultry, intelligent type with a vulnerable, kind nature.

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